Friday, December 28, 2007

Workshop for Experienced Meditators on Saturday February 9, 2008


In Buddhist tradition, the Wisdom of Insight refers to the deep understanding and experience of the nature of reality. The quality of that nature is of Impermanence, Unsatisfactoriness, and Selflessness. When this nature is clearly seen and experienced, an end to clinging and to suffering is possible.

In this workshop for experienced meditators, we will intellectually explore the meaning of these three characteristics. We will use contemplation to penetrate our understanding, followed by periods of silence in which to experience these qualities directly.

According to tradition, these teachings are offered freely. There will be an opportunity to offer donations in appreciation.

The workshop will be led by Ann Barden, who has been practicing and teaching Vipassana meditation for many years. She is a teacher with Deep Spring Center in Ann Arbor Michigan, and with Forestway. To register, or if you have questions, you may reach her at 154-5104.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Film Series in February, 2008

Watch for the posting of our film series planned for February, 2008. Films will be shown on Thrusday at 5:30 at the Meditation Center.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

On September 20th at 5:30pm, the Meditation Center of San Miguel begins its annual fall film series. For those of you who have attended previous film showings at the Meditation Center, you will be happy to know that we have recently purchased and installed a giant plasma screen TV, so image and sound quality will be vastly improved.

We are located at Callejon Blanco 4, near the east corner of Quebrada. The suggested donation is 20 pesos. Please try to arrive early as seating is limited. All films are in English unless otherwise noted.

The series begins with a showing of “Short cut to Nirvana”.

This is an award-winning documentary about the Kumbh Mela spiritual festival which takes place near Allahabad, India, every 12 years. The Kumbh Mela also happens to be the biggest gathering in history, attracting 70 million pilgrims. From this incredible event comes a powerful and uplifting message of harmony, unity, and peace for all humanity. Yet almost no one outside India has ever heard of the Kumbh Mela or its message. Until now...

The film series continues every other Thursday at 5:30pm through December 13. (September 20, October 4 & 18, November 1, 15, and 29, and December 13). Below are the dates, titles and a brief description of each film:

October 4th: Adyashanti: Be Still And Know.

How deep are you willing to go in this moment? What is it like to be nothing? In this satsang, Adyashanti reveals the profound and fundamental truth that is the essence of awakening. Dialogues flow like a guided inquiry that illuminates the extraordinary mystery of our being. But beware, "The reason for the inquiry is to question yourself out of existence."

On October 18th: "Wisdom & Compassion": Pema Chödrön and Jack Kornfield in Conversation.

Join Pema Chödrön and Vipassana meditation teacher Jack Kornfield as they discuss central themes of Buddhism. With humorous stories and joyful interaction, these two teachers share their perspectives on meditation, generosity, karma, compassion, and transforming suffering. Their dialogue was moderated by Michael Krasny, and was recorded at the Masonic center in San Francisco, CA. on May 26, 2005.

November 1st: El Buda. Spanish with English subtitles.

El Buda was the first feature film written and directed by Diego Rafecas, a Zen teacher from Argentina. The film follows two brothers orphaned as children when their parents were taken by the military during Argentina's "Dirty War." Tomas is now a drifting and withdrawn young man who experiments with ascetic practices and has compassion for others. His older brother Rafael, played by Rafecas, is a university philosophy professor, detached and alone. Their struggles with each other and the world around them in Buenos Aires take a turn when they find themselves at a Zen retreat center in rural Argentina.
November 15th: Eckart Tolle: Touching the Eternal - India Retreat.

Through the centuries, countless people from around the world have been coming to India, thirsty in their search for truth. Considered to be the birthplace of spirituality, India has produced more great mystics and spiritual teachers than any other country. What more fitting place for Eckhart to speak of the eternal Now? It is here on the banks of the holy Ganga, amidst the snow-capped Himalayas and the tremendous beauty of scarlet sunsets that a group of determined souls from around the globe met to sit together in silence. Join them in this transformational experience and allow yourself to be guided through words and stillness into the state of presence. Eckhart speaks with authenticity, wisdom, and humor on a wide range of subjects.

November 29th: Cheri Huber: The Secret Is There Are No Secrets: An Introduction to Zen Meditation
Meditation shows us that nothing is hidden. Sitting down, being still, and paying attention reveals much that seems unknowable and inaccessible. This introductory program teaches you what meditation is, how to do it, how to be successful at sustaining a practice, and where that practice might lead you. Cheri Huber has been a student and teacher of Zen for over 30 years. She leads workshops and retreats at the Zen Monastery Peace Center in Murphys, California, and is the author of 20 books. Her great strength as a teacher is making awareness practice relevant to everyday life.

December 13th: Adyashanti: The Journey After Awakening.

Awakening to our true nature does not mark the end of the spiritual path -- it's just the beginning. In this intimate and compelling dialogue, Adyashanti and Loch Kelly explore the journey after awakening, sharing insights gained from their own lives and through working with hundreds of people in this mysterious, subtle, and sometimes precarious territory